GDevCon #3

All you wanted to know about LabVIEW and Web Services but feared to ask



We live in a connected world and with the Internet of Things (IoT), it is crucial to have our LabVIEW applications leveraging existing pieces of software and services available out there.

Did you know LabVIEW can interact with your Office 365 or Google account? Did you know LabVIEW can programmatically use Google Translate, Geolocation, Text-to-speech, Artificial Intelligence, etc.?

Any time you think something might be difficult to achieve with LabVIEW, there is probably an alternative available with a cloud services provider that you can leverage directly from your LabVIEW code.

In this presentation, we will give you all the keys, tips and tricks to have your LabVIEW application communicating with the most popular cloud services, achieving different kinds of popular authentication methods and leveraging the incredible quantity of APIs available on the web!

We will also show you how you can implement your own secured cloud services with LabVIEW Web Services and have other programmers interact with your API using any programming language they want!



  • Matthias Baudot

    Software Architect, Founder, STUDIO BODs

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The presentation content will be posted here very soon.
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