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Build, License, Track

  • License your own LabVIEW™ application
  • Push software updates
  • Get users activity reports and error logs
  • Disable some parts of your code with features definitions.
  • Distribute third-party programs and LabVIEW™ Run-Time Engine
  • Automate the build process
  • and much more…

Distribute your LabVIEW programs

Protect your application with advanced Licensing

Be aware about any bugs as soon as it occurs

Deduplicate operations



BLT for LabVIEW is a toolkit for LabVIEW developers. It gives them the tools for automating most of the software deployment process. BLT for LabVIEW greatly reduces the human and financial costs associated with software maintenance and test automation. Indeed, the software allows the automatic update of all test stations or customers. This prevents engineers having to update each application on each machine by automating these operations and more.



BLT for LabVIEW™  helps you to manage the application’s distribution to your customers or internal users. It automates the building and distribution process of your applications.


 When you make changes in your LabVIEW™ program, BLT can automatically build and push the updated application to all your customers, users or testing machines.


No matters if you want to build and distribute 1 or 100 applications, it’s still 1-click action for BLT!



BLT is entire built in LabVIEW™ and allows the developer to grant usage licenses to LabVIEW™ executables. It imports your existing project and then you can set advanced permissions and define precisely what you want to give to your customers.


BLT allows you to centralize and optimize all your LabVIEW™ programs, whether for your customers and for your company. Protect your investment and your intellectual property with a reliable and powerful licensing system.


Assign a license to a user and allow him to use one or multiple applications for which you set permissions. The license can be limited to a defined number of physical computers, for a defined period of time or number of launches or any custom attribute you might set.
Use BLT to manage licenses and disable or change attributes live.
Allow users to auto-register for a trial license to use your products.


Physical computers are uniquely identified by BLT so you can control access to your products for specific machines only. You can use the offline activation process if a computer doesn’t have connectivity to the Licensing Server.


Manage and distribute multiple variations of your software using the same source code and executable. BLT allows you to define specific product features that you can programmatically disable in your code based the current user’s license attributes.



BLT is able to make your LabVIEW™ program reporting usage sessions. This gives you the information in real time on exactly when your product is used, for how long, on which physical computer, and by who. This way, you never loose the control on your program once it’s distributed on the public domain, you can still track it and disable fraudulent uses.


Being aware of bugs and errors occurring in your program can be crucial when you want to provide the best troubleshooting experience to your customers. That’s why BLT gives provides you with tools to automatically, and in real-time, retrieve the information on what error remotely occurred in the code you’ve developed.

BLT Schema

BLT Dashboard

In order to administrate BLT for LabVIEW™, you need the following components to run the BLT Dashboard:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • *LabVIEW™ Development System with Application Builder (versions 2010 and greater), 32-bit or 64-bit
  • *Enable LabVIEW™ VI Server (more details)
  • Administrator rights on the computer session where LabVIEW™ Development Environment and BLT for LabVIEW™ are running

*These elements are required only when you want to build and distribute product updates. You can still launch BLT for LabVIEW™ without these elements if you want to manage and monitor licenses only.


BLT Product Updates Server (optional)

In order to host Product Updates on your own infrastructure, you need the following components:

  • HTTP server
  • FTP server

By default, we host  for free the Product Updates Server for you!


BLT Licensing Server (optional)

In order to host Licenses and Products information on your own infrastructure, you need the following components:

  • MySQL Server 5.1 and greater
  • Run a Windows service on a server that has local or LAN access to the machine that hosts the MySQL server 
(We provide this Windows Service that encrypts the connection between the LabVIEW™ application and the MySQL database.

By default, we host the Licensing Server Server for you!



Online documentation

Access to the online user guide and step by step instructions to operate BLT for LabVIEW.


User community

Learn more about how to manage the distribution of your LabVIEW executables. Find resources, tutorials, examples and share your experience and ideas with the staff and other BLT users.

How to get started with BLT for LabVIEW

Follow the step by step Getting Started guide available here.

What is the BLT Dashboard?

BLT Dashboard is the stand-alone application used to manage your Deployments.

This application allow you to Build and Distribute your LabVIEW programs, grant License Permissions, Track Errors and usage, etc…

Depending on your plan subscription, the number of seats you can have for the BLT Dashboard might be limited.

You can download BLT Dashboard here.

What is a LabVIEW Product?

LabVIEW™ is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments.

A LabVIEW™ Product is a computer program that you developed with LabVIEW™ and that you want to protect and distribute using BLT for LabVIEW™.

Depending on your plan subscription, the number of LabVIEW™ Products that you can manage with BLT might be limited.

What is a Deployment?

A Deployment means the digital right to use a LabVIEW™ Product distributed and protected with BLT. A Deployment is specific for a unique LabVIEW™ Product activated on a specific physical computer with a specific License grant. Depending on your plan subscription, you are authorized with a certain number of Deployments that you can use with your own LabVIEW™ Products.

You don’t have to worry about your Deployments limit if you expect many Trial downloads for your product. Deployment Licenses are taken from your limit only after 45 days! Enjoy Unlimited trial deployments. We make money only when YOU make money.

See how it works :


What kind of technical support is available with BLT for LabVIEW?

Depending on your plan and add-ons subscription, you might be eligible for one of the following Service Programs:

Base Service Program (BSP)

  • Request Technical Support at no cost on forums or via email and get a reply within three (3) business days.
  • Get Software Updates and improvements for the Software Product at no cost.

Professional Service Program (PSP)

  • Request Technical Support at no cost on forums, via email or phone and get a reply within 24 business hours.
  • Get Software Updates and improvements for the Software Product at no cost.

Free resources

Get access to the online help and community to share your ideas, problems, and get answers to your specific requests. See here for more details.

In which currency am I invoiced

The pricing defined on this page is in Canadian Dollars. Only Canadian customers will be invoiced in Canadian Dollars. All other customer will be invoiced in US Dollars at same pricing.

How invoicing works?

If the Free version is not enough for your needs, you may switch to another plan.


  • Switch to Start-up Plan

You must contact us so we can agree on the Number of Deployments you will need for the coming twelve (12) months.Before we give you more Deployments, you will be invoiced for the amount corresponding to 12 months subscription for the Number of Deployments we agreed.

At renewal of the subscription, we retrieve the real Maximum Number of Deployments you’ve actually used during the 12 months period. If this number is lower than the one we agreed, we take off the corresponding amount from the renewal invoice. (We reimburse you if you don’t want to renew!) If this number is greater than the one we agreed, we charge you for the difference on the renewal invoice, and adjust the Number of Deployments previously agreed for your subscription to this new value. (We only charge you the difference if you don’t want to renew.)


  • Switch to Enterprise Plan

You must contact us and let you know your real needs so we can discuss a custom plan for you. We can offer many options for you, to avoid yearly maintenance fees, host the system on your own IT infrastructure, etc… You will be invoiced based on our agreement.



Invoice payment is due within thirty (30) days after it’s been processed.

The functionality BLT provides us is simply impressive. […] Distributing our applications, getting track of our modifications, creating a splash screen, getting error logs from users, even creating an installer is straight forward. I highly recommend this addon!

Andrès Osorio

Ing., Vasesa

BLT is quite simply one of the best third party addons to LabVIEW that I have ever seen in the last 17 years. […] It is well organized, complete and comes with the best documentation I have ever seen in the LabVIEW community. […] Moreover, STUDIO BODs has been exceptionally responsive to feedback as well as to respond to technical queries. I can whole heartedly recommend BLT.

Valdeane Brown

Ph.D., Zengar Institute

We have been impressed not only with the product itself and its documentation, but with STUDIO BODs support as well. At Delacor, we have now decided to use BLT for building our excecutables, licensing them when it makes sense and to track error reports from some applications. […] We have tried other solutions in the past, and this has been the best experience for us by far.

Fabiola De la Cueva

Software Architect, CLA, CPI, Delacor LLC


Preferred package for flexibility
  • Server Hosting: STUDIO BODs
  • BLT Dashboard: 2 seats
  • Features: All
  • LabVIEW Products: Unlimited
  • Lifetime Deployments: Pay per deployment
  • Trial Deployments: Unlimited
  • Service Program: Professionnal


We answer your custom needs
Ask us
  • Server Hosting: Your choice
  • BLT Dashboard: Your choice
  • Features: All
  • LabVIEW Products: Your choice
  • Lifetime Deployments: Your choice
  • Trial Deployments: Unlimited
  • Service Program: Professional