BLT for LabVIEW includes an automation tool which allows you to perform basic tasks using Command Line.

How to use BLT Automation?

The BLT for LabVIEW dashboard located at C:\STUDIO BODs\BLT for LabVIEW\BLT for LabVIEW.exe must be running in order to perform tasks using BLT Automation.

If BLT for LabVIEW is not running, BLT Automation will automatically attempt to start it before performing the task.

The working directory for the command line (cmd) must be: C:\STUDIO BODs\BLT for LabVIEW\Automation

You can run the command cd "C:\STUDIO BODs\BLT for LabVIEW\Automation" to change the working directory.

You must run the following command using command line:

labview-cli.exe --lv-exe "BLT Automation.exe" "%task%"

where %task% is the Task to be performed by BLT as described below.

Add a Note in the Product Changes Log

This task will create a new entry in the Product Changes Log:

add-product-change %ID_Product% %Notes%


%ID_Product% is the ID of the Product

%Notes% is the text description (you can use \n to insert carriage returns in your text)


labview-cli.exe --lv-exe "BLT Automation.exe" "add-product-change 12 - Changed Front Panel color\n- Fixed bug #545"

This will create a new entry in the Changes Log for the Product ID 12 with the following text:

- Changed Front Panel color

- Fixed bug #545

Build a Product

This task will build a product using BLT:

build-product-simple %ID_Product% %Version%


%ID_Product% is the ID of the Product

%Version% is the 4-numbers version of your build (ex.:

The following actions will be performed (Simple Build):

oBuild your product executable with LabVIEW.

oCompress everything in the build target directory into a single zip archive.

oIf existing, add your splash screen and color scheme configuration to the zip file.

oUpload the zip file on the Product Updates server via FTP.

oGenerate a new product version in BLT with your last change log entries as release notes.


labview-cli.exe --lv-exe "BLT Automation.exe" "build-product-simple 12"

This will build the version of the product ID 12 using the Simple Build settings