This task will build a product and publish it as a Beta release using BLT:

build-product-simple-beta %ID_Product% %Version%


%ID_Product% is the ID of the Product

%Version% is the 4-numbers version of your build (ex.: If the version number is not supplied, the current version number set in the Build Specifications of your LabVIEW Project will be used. If a version number is supplied without a Build number (i.e. 1.5.2), the Build number will automatically be set to the Build Number of the last released Product Version incremented by one (example: if you supply %Version% = 1.5.2 and the last released Product Version is, the version being built will be

The following actions will be performed (Simple Build):

oBuild your product executable with LabVIEW.

oCompress everything in the build target directory into a single zip archive.

oIf existing, add your splash screen and color scheme configuration to the zip file.

oUpload the zip file on the Product Updates server via FTP.

oGenerate a new Beta product version in BLT with your last change log entries as release notes.


labview-cli.exe --lv-exe "BLT Automation.exe" "build-product-simple-beta 12"

This will build the version of the product ID 12 as a Beta release using the Simple Build settings