Select in the tree the product(s) for which you want to assign license permissions.

You can select multiple entries by pressing the Ctrl key  of your keyboard.

The Product list on the left shows all the products selected for this build operation.

Select a product in the list and click on Last Product Change log entries at the bottom to display all your product changes descriptions since your last distribution.
This data is used to generate the Product update description.
Your end-users will see this if they are updating their product from a previous version.

On the Simple tab, click on Build and Distribute to perform the following operations on your product(s):

oBuild your product executable with LabVIEW.

oCompress everything in the build target directory into a single zip archive.

oIf existing, add your splash screen and color scheme configuration to the zip file.

oUpload the zip file on the Product Updates server via FTP.

oGenerate a new product version in BLT with your last change log entries as release notes. This way, your end-users will be notified that an update is available and will be able to download it and install it automatically.

oIf this is the first version of the product distributed with BLT, you will be prompted to create an installer for your product.
This installer allows you to distribute your product to end-users who don't already have it.

oIf you create an installer, you can also include some NI Run-Time Engines with your product so your end-users will directly get everything for your product to work.

You can follow the status of the build in the active task table at the bottom of BLT Home interface.
Right click on a started task to Abort it

You will be notified when your product is distributed.

See here how to manage your product versions.