BLT for LabVIEW is a tool (certified for LabVIEW by National Instruments) for managing your LabVIEW applications and their deployment.

It consists in an executable and is able to import your existing LabVIEW application source code and add many features to your application, almost without requiring you to write any code. BLT saves all your application settings on a server. The code added to your program is entitled to remotely connect the server and apply what you defined.

With BLT for LabVIEW, you never lose the control of your products, and can remotely manage them.

This help system includes information about BLT for LabVIEW™, step-by-step instructions, and reference information about interfaces.

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Main features:

LICENSING: Protect your application with an advanced licensing system.

oA license is assigned to a user and allows him to run one or multiple applications defined by you.

oThe license can be limited to a defined number of physical computers, for a defined period of time or number of launches (can be unlimited).

ERROR TRACKING: Based on the license settings, your application can report usage sessions, custom logs and error tracking.

oEach time your program is started, it will register a session on the server, keeping track of the beginning and ending usage time. The physical machine name and application version are also reported with the session.

oDuring the session, any error occurring in your application can also be reported to the server as well as custom logs. Use the provided LabVIEW API to define where to track errors and report logs.

AUTOMATIC UPDATES: When you make changes to your LabVIEW program, BLT can automatically build and push the updated application to your customers or testing machines.

oKeep track of your work with the Product Changes log

o1-Click Build and Deploy feature allows you to:

Build your executable

Compress your program

Upload the updated program on the server

Notify your end-users for an available new version

Generate a release description for your end-users, based on your product changes log

Include a custom LabVIEW VI to run on the end-user computer after product update installation

oBLT also allows you to generate an installer for your product so you can easily distribute your app to the fist-time users.

LOCK CODE PORTIONS: Use BLT to define features for a particular product. Then, use the provided LabVIEW API to retrieve the end-user license state and disable certain portions of your code.

oAllows you to distribute multiple versions of an application (e.g. Base, Full, Pro) with the same source code for all versions.

oUse BLT to lively define which licenses are entitled for use a particular product feature.

CUSTOMIZED COLOR SCHEME: You can use BLT to define your own color scheme for a particular product.

oYour company colors will be displayed on every window popup displayed by BLT to your end-user (Type Activation Key, Product update available, License expired, etc…).

oUse BLT to design your own product splash screen. This splash screen will be displayed to your end-user at startup while the product checks the server for license state and available product updates.

CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION: BLT for LabVIEW includes an automation tool that you can invoke using command line in order to perform certain tasks such as Building a product. This is useful if you want to integrate BLT with CI tools like Jenkins.