As mentioned int the End User License Agreement, this application collects personal information such as your name and email address when you register for a license key. When you use the product, information regarding the machine where the product is running such as the machine name, network MAC addresses, processor ID and hard disk ID are collected and sent to the Licensing server with an encrypted connection. Information such as the begin time, the end time, error codes and messages occurring in the product are also collected. This data collection is for the purpose of debugging and improving the product and assisting you with any support request.

This information will not be used or disclosed except as authorized or required by law.

If you have any questions regarding the collection and use of your personal information or if you do now want this information being collected, please send your request to your software distributor for this product.

When you distribute an application with this product, the exact same rules can apply to your product. You are responsible to advise your customers on how you use this data collection. Please contact a lawyer qualified for your district to get more information.