This page contains important information!

The tree on the home interface displays all the data contained in your Licensing Server. This data is grouped by categories:

Products: LabVIEW applications managed by BLT

Licenses: Users that have access to your products

Machines: Physical computers where your products are used

Sessions: Usage sessions reported by your products

Errors: Messages and Errors reported by your products

Deployment licenses: Unique deployment licenses defined by the activation of a single product on a single machine

Depending on which item or category you select in the tree, the Menu bar displays different possible actions.

You can select multiple items of a same category to execute operations in batch.

When operations are executing and the cursor is busy, you are still able to browse the tree and execute other operations.

The tree categories and items are expandable. 

By default, BLT loads only the Products and Licenses in the tree. Expand a category or item to load its elements.

When you expand an element, BLT requests the licensing server for the data recursively, based on the parent items.

More elements you have in the tree, more heavy becomes the user interface and its refreshing.

Right-Click on BLT for LabVIEW (in the tree) and select Reload to flush the data in the tree and release the memory

Move your cursor on the window to display a quick description in the context help string at the bottom.