A machine is a physical computer where your product(s) are used.

A machine is uniquely identified with its MAC addresses, Processor ID and Hard disk ID.

You cannot add a machine manually!

When product is activated on a computer with a BLT license, it checks the Licensing Server if the machine exists.If the machine doesn't exists, BLT will check the license attributes and automatically add the machine if allowed. The only exception to this is when you receive a MachineID file due to a license configured with Pre-Authorize machine enabled.

See here how to authorize machines with BLT.

Use the home tree to explore the machines:

The machines are listed by their Name, which reflects the Computer Name of the Machine as it is configured in the operating system.

The machine will be automatically updated if its changed on the remote computer. It cannot be updated from BLT.

However, you can assign an Alias to a machine in order to help identifying it in BLT.

Use the "Edit Machine" button to assign or change its Alias:

You can delete machines from your Licensing Server by selecting them in the tree and click the Delete button.
All the deployment licenses attached to these machines will be deleted