You can use Color Patterns to automatically apply a pre-defined set of colors to your button design. This way you can easily create many buttons with the same color scheme.

  • This button exports the current Target Color settings to a new or existing Color Pattern. Click it to make the following window appear.

    • Select an existing Color Pattern and click the left button to save your current color settings in this pattern.


    • Click the right button and create a new Color Pattern with your current color settings.

  • This button applies a previously-saved color pattern to one or multiple buttons. Click it to make the following window appear.

  • User the drop-down list to load an existing Color Pattern or to create a new one

  • Click the "Save" button to save the current color settings into the Color Pattern displayed in the list

  • Click the "Save as" button to create a new Color Pattern using the current one's settings

  • Click the "Delete" button to delete permanently the current Color Pattern

  • The List allows you to choose on which buttons you want to apply the Color Pattern

  • The configuration part of the window is where you define the colors for your Pattern.

  • Choose colors for each state of the button

  • Check "Ignore this state" to forget a specific button state when applying your Color Pattern

Use the "Link" button to simultaneously apply a setting change to all linked states together

  • Once your Color Pattern is correctly configured, don't forget to save it and click the "Apply" button to continue.