Custom LabVIEW Controls cannot be created programmatically on your computer. Your buttons designs must be sent to STUDIO BOD's servers for processing.

When you are ready to build your LabVIEW Control files with your button designs, you must package them into a Job. This Job is uploaded to our servers and put into a queue for processing.

Our servers process a limited number of buttons at a time. Once your job is the first in queue, each of your button design is processed in about 1 minute. See here how to track the status of your Job while it's processing or pending in queue.

Once all your buttons designs have been processed, a Download Link for your LabVIEW .ctl files is generated and sent to you via email. You have 24 hours to download your files.

You must have an active Internet connection to be able to send your buttons for processing.

You can check the status of the connection the the Controls Generator Server on the Home dialog:

Continue here to see how to Send your Job for processing.