Click a button in the list at the bottom left and select the Colors tab to configure color changes in your pictures.

You can configure different colors for each state of the button.

      • "Detected Colors" displays the colors that have been found in your your picture.

      • Use the "Same Color Tolerance" value to adjust the color detection and merge similar colors together.

      • In the "Target Colors" section, click the color boxes the select the new color for each detected color of the picture.

      • "Disable Recoloring" for preventing Controls Generator to modify any pixel of the original picture

      • Click "Reset Target Colors" to copy the Detected Colors to the Target Colors.

      • A preview is displayed on the right of each state.

Apply settings to multiple states at a time:

  • Use the "Link" buttons to apply settings change to multiple states at a time. When you change a setting for a state, if other states are linked tho it, the new setting applies to them as well.

  • Use the "Link all" button to link or unlink all all button states together

Use Color Patterns to simplify management of your color configurations and save them for future use with other buttons.

Continue configuring your buttons with Properties.