Controls Generator is a tool for automating creation of LabVIEW custom boolean controls.

Controls Generator for LabVIEW consists in an executable program, able to import pictures, recolor them, and use them for creating custom LabVIEW boolean controls automatically.

If you find annoying and long to create custom buttons when you design your LabVIEW application, Controls Generator is for you!

Main features:

-        Import Pictures: Import existing picture files, or use the sample pictures provided with Controls Generator.

-        Recolor Pictures: Controls Generator will automatically detect existing colors in your pictures. Simply choose the new colors for your button and they will be recolored for you.

-        Use Transparency: Controls Generator handles transparency in your pictures so their best looking is preserved.

-        6-states control: Choose different colors for each state of your button: False, True, True to False transition, False to True transition, False Mouse Hover, True Mouse Hover

-        Save and Share Designs: Export your buttons designs for future modification or for sharing with other people

-        Define Color Patterns: Define your color patterns for each state and apply them in batch on multiple buttons. Save your Color Patterns for future use

-        Automate LabVIEW Control creation: Send your job and stay tuned. You will receive a link by email when your buttons are ready