The Search tool enables you to find items in the tree. 

This tool only search for items that are already present in the tree.

By default, only Products and Licenses are loaded in the tree when you start BLT. You need to expand a category to load its items.

1.Select in which category you want to search.

2.Place your cursor in this field (or press F2) and enter the text to find. The search is processed live while you are typing.

3.Check Include all columns if you want to search for the text in all the columns of the tree. If not checked, BLT searches only in the first column.

4.This field displays the current result showed and the total number of results,

5.Click this button (or press Enter) to go to the next result.

Note: The search process takes more time while you are loading new items in the tree. For the best performances, please wait for your data is loaded before searching for something.