When an end-users is not able to connect the Licensing Server with a product, he will request an Offline Activation and send you a MachineID file.

You must complete the following steps in order to activate his license and generate the required License file:

Select any license in the home tree and click on the Offline Activation button.

This interface is the same that the one used for Machine Authorization.

Select  the MachineID file you've received from the end-user and click on Read.

You can see all the details for the Offline Activation request and choose if you want to allow this user to use the specified product on this machine.

Select Generate license file for offline activation and click on Activate License / Authorize Machine.

If required, BLT will register a new license and new machine in the Licensing Server and generate the License file for your end-user.

Send back the license file and ask the user to start the product and install the license file to complete the Offline Activation process.

If you changed the the License attributes for a user working Offline and want him to reactivate the software using the new License attributes, you can Generate a new License file as described above, and have your user reactivate the software using the procedure described here: Re-activate Software License