Now that your product includes BLT for LabVIEW, it is protected with licensing.

You must define which licenses have access to your product(s).

Complete the following steps to set your product(s) permissions:

Select in the tree the product(s) for which you want to assign license permissions.

You can select multiple entries by pressing the Ctrl key  of your keyboard.

Click on the Product permissions button.

The list on the left shows the licenses available. 
If you've selected only one product in the tree, this list shows only licenses for which the product isn't already authorized. If you've selected multiple products in the tree, it shows all the licenses.
If you've selected one product in the tree, the list on the right shows the licenses that currently have rights to use the selected product.

Select one or more licenses in a list and drag them with your mouse to the other list to change permissions.

When you have selected multiple products for permissions, you have the choice to Replace all permissions or Add to existing permissions.

Click Apply to validate your changes.

Note: Keep in mind that if you have multiple licenses registered with the same email address, you will not be able to give them a grant to use the same product. This ensures that a user is always able to retrieve the right Activation Key from any of your product, using his email address. This will also prevent users to register multiple times for a trial license with a specific product.