This Scripting Fixer makes changes to the BLT_Main VI of your Product.

It changes the code to have the authentication made offline when you launch the application. Your application will launch a lot faster by relying on the local cached copy of the License instead of having to contact the BLT Server to first synchronize the license attributes. 

Once your product has launched, the License will still be synchronized with the Server in background. Make sure to also apply the related Fixer - Macro Init with Licensing to have this feature working correctly.

If this is the first time you're launching the application on a computer and you need to activate it, this fix will have no effect since it is required to contact the server in this situation.

If the local cached License shows an invalid or expired License, this fix has no effect neither since the server will be contacted to make sure your license is synchronized with the server to get the most recent permissions.

Code before applying the Fixer:

Code after applying the Fixer: