This Scripting Fixer makes changes to the BLT_Main VI of your Product.

It is related to the change made by Fixer - Macro Init with Licensing and Fixer - Macro Init without Licensing which now make the Check For Updates process to occur in the background after the Product has started. 

So if you know there is an Update available for your Product, you might not want to wait that your Product has started before you can Install that Update. This is why we introduced a new button "Check for Updates now" on the "Activation details" dialog:

This Fixer ensures that clicking on this button has the expected effect by connecting the "Front States out" output terminal of "" to the "Front States" input terminal of "Add States to". Then, when the user clicks on "Check for Updates now, the "Product Updates: Check" state will be enqueued and processed immediately next.

Code before applying the Fixer:

Code after applying the Fixer: