BLT for LabVIEW needs an email address. By default, the email address is the one used when you registered your license to use BLT for LabVIEW.

The Email address configured in the BLT settings is will be used:

as the sender email address for :

osending New Activation Key confirmation email

osending Activation Key Reminder email confirmation

as the c.c. recipient for every new Activation Key generated

oif email confirmation is checked when manually adding Licenses OR

oif Send Email Notification? is TRUE when using the BLT API OR

oif new License generated with Automatic Trial

as the informational address for people clicking on "Purchase" in the standard Activation Key Popup, if you didn't specify any Purchase URL in the Product Configuration

This email might also be displayed to your end-users if they are prompted to contact their software administrator.

Follow these instructions to configure your administrator email address for BLT:

Select BLT for LabVIEW in the tree and click on the Email configuration button:

On the Email Configuration tab, enter your email address and click Save.

See here how to create Email Notifications for logging and errors.