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GDevCon #4

I shouldn’t have, but I could, so I did!



LabVIEW is only used in the Test, Measurement, and Automation industries. LabVIEW is for scientists and engineers. LabVIEW is only good with hardware. LabVIEW jobs don’t pay well. No, no, and no! If you love LabVIEW, there are all sorts of careers available for you.

I founded my NI Alliance Partner company 15+ years ago and I’m going to invalidate all these statements by walking you through my own career. I hate dealing with hardware, 95% of my business has nothing to do with Test, Measurement, and Automation, I love my job and I make a good salary.

I’ll show you some of the most unexpected things I’ve done with LabVIEW for my customers, or just for fun.



  • Matthias Baudot

    Software Architect, Founder, STUDIO BODs